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Nutribiotic - Defense Plus 90 tablets - Mountain Health Online

Nutribiotic - Defense Plus 90 tablets

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Maximum Strength
250 mg of Grapefruit Seed Extract with Echinacea, Astragalus, Vitamin C,
Mushroom Extracts, Goldenseal, and Ginger Root
Vegan • Gluten Free • Made without GMOs

NutriBiotic DefensePlus Tablets are a unique formulation combining grapefruit seed extract, vitamin C, echinacea extract, astragalus, ginger root extract, goldenseal extract, yarrow extract, and the mushroom extracts of reishi, maitake, and shiitake and are used by healthcare professionals worldwide.

Each tablet is equal to 25 drops of the Grapefruit Seed Extract Liquid Concentrate.

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