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SerraEnzyme 80,000 I.U 90 capsules - Mountain Health Online

SerraEnzyme 80,000 I.U 90 capsules

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Good Health Naturally Delayed Release Serrapeptase
  • Clearing of unhealthy inflammation
  • Eats up and gets rid of non-living tissue like extra cartilage, scar tissue, clots, and plaque
  • Support for healthy joints, veins, lungs and digestive system
  • Relief from injury and swelling around vertebrae and joints
  • Resulting in reduction of pain symptoms

What is SerraEnzyme?

SerraEnzyme contains serrapeptase, a proteolytic enzyme that breaks down non-living tissue, blood clots, cysts, and arterial plaque in the body that contribute to inflammation, discomfort, blockages, etc. This amazing proteolytic enzyme has had a wide clinical use spanning over 30 years in Europe and Asia. SerraEnzyme capsules are enteric coated so they pass through the acidic environment of the stomach into the intestines for superior absorption.
What does Serrapeptase do?

Serrapeptase simply digests any inflammation and non-living tissue that are the cause of the majority of symptoms. Results vary with different patients and conditions as reported in various studies.
SerraEnzyme provides super support for the lymphatic system promoting elimination processes and the immune system.

SerraEnzyme 80,000 I.U Enteric Coated Bioactive Enzymes 90 Quad Strength Capsules 

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