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Nutribiotic - Traveler's Friend - Citrus Seed Extract 30ml - Mountain Health Online

Nutribiotic - Traveler's Friend - Citrus Seed Extract 30ml

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You can travel anywhere in the world with Nutribiotic Traveller's Friend water purifier. The only safe, non-toxic water treatment available today. Made from grapefruit seed extract, it is versatile and can be used to treat one glass of water to 10 litres.

Perfect for camping, boating, fishing and travel to areas where the food and drinking water may not be safe.

Instructions for water purification

3-5 drops in a 250ml glass of water or 10 drops in a litre. Allow treated water to stand for about 10 minutes.

Note:   Good practice dictates that you should always use the safest drinking water available. Never use full strength. Can also be used to treat Allergies (Hay fever and food sensitivity), Dental Rinse (for healthy gums and fresh breath), Throat Gargle, Ear Rinse, Nasal Rinse, Vaginal Rinse. Also for external use as a facial cleanser, skin rinse, nail treatment, Scalp Treatment (including dandruff), toothbrush cleaner, Vegetable/Fruit and Meat/Poultry Wash, Dish and Utensil Cleaning Additive, Cutting Board Cleaner and All Purpose Cleaner.

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