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Herbal Teas Australia - Essiac Tea 100gm

Herbal Teas Australia - Essiac Tea 100gm

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Essiac tea has an interesting history dating back to the early 1920’s in Canada.

Rene Cassie was a nurse who, following the advice from an old Native American Indian medicine man, formulated a tea that she dispensed from a cancer clinic in Ontario.

She had support from the medical profession, in particular Dr Frederick Banting, the co-discoverer of insulin.

Essiac tea has become widely known for its remarkable ability to boost the immune system and detoxify the body.

I have followed the original recipe and used Burdock root, which is an effective blood purifier that neutralizes and eliminates poisons from the body.

Sheep Sorrel contains a natural substance that research has shown to have significant anti-leukemic activity.

Slippery Elm is well known for its soothing and healing properties and Turkey rhubarb root has been shown in research to have anti-tumor activity. It is diuretic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

Nurse Cassie’s story is well worth looking up as she had support from some very eminent medical people.

Ingredients: Burdock root, Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm powder & Turkey rhubarb.

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