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Colloidal Mineral SupplementĀ 

Full Health Industries Colloidal Minerals 500ml

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The colloidal mineral supplement from Fullhealth Industries is a great source of trace minerals. The minerals in this preparation have been cold extracted by a unique ionic extraction process developed by Fullhealth Industries and then suspended in ultra pure de-ionised waters. By using this process, you can be assured no acids or damaging external heat has been used to extract the minerals.

From pristine and ancient Australian vegetation, our minerals are derived from selected soils having a humic acid fraction of 67.95% DOC Test = Up to 640 mgC/L Life Enhancing Organic Colloidal Minerals Concentrate.

Mineral Ingredients (Mg/l)

Boron 0.26, Sodium 99, Magnesium 98, Aluminium 180, Silicon 45, Phosphorous 5.2, Sulphur 500, Potassium 17, Calcium 270, Titanium 0.94, Vanadium 2.4, Barium 0.34, Chromium 1.4, Manganese 0.66, Iron 220, Nickel 1, Cobalt 0.2, Copper 0.13, Zinc 0.38, Selenium 0.37, Strontium 2.6, Molybdenum 0.019, Silver 0.15

Start with 1ml in a glass of water or fruit juice daily. Gradually increase up to 1-2 teaspoons twice a day (5-10ml). Alternatively, sprinkle 10ml over breakfast coral in the morning.

The liquid colloidal mineral supplement is known for promoting well-being and improvement in general health.

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