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Magnus Shield 90 capsules - Mountain Health Online

Magnus Shield 90 capsules

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Each tablet of Magnus Shield™ contains:

• 60 mg G60™ Flower Pollen
Extract - 20:1 ratio; T60™ water- soluble pollen extract concentrate.

•3 mg GFX™ fat - soluble pollen extract concentrateMAGNUS SHIELD™ prostate formula contains Standardized Flower Pollen Extract G60™ and GFX™ that have been used successfully over past 50 years in America and Europe for Prostate treatment. Flower pollen is the male seed of flowers which enables flowering plants to reproduce. It is produced in the upper part, or anthers, of the flower. Pollen grains contain all the substances that are necessary to create new life within the world of plants. Like a sparkle of energy, creating new life is still a secret to us.

Flower Pollen has a number of physiological effects that could benefit BPH. It has an anticongenstive-antiinflammatory action which could lessen external pressure on the urethra. Additionally Pharmacological effects reported for the pollen preparation are: influence on contactility of bladder, and influence on the metabolism of dihydrotestosterone.

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